Endodontics (Root canal therapy)

How can a dental granuloma be treated?

There are two different ways to treat periapical granuloma: root canal therapy and apical surgery. We invariably start with endodontic therapy. The aim of endodontic therapy is to eliminate the infected dental pulp, to debride, disinfect and obturate the dental canal system. The Video 7 presents endodontic treatment. Endodontic therapy rarely fails, in 90 percent of cases, periapical granuloma could be successfully treated by the means of endodontic treatment. The root canal treatment fails to cure granuloma mostly when the tooth has:

  • unusual internal anatomy and undetectable, extra root canal
  • small accessory and lateral nerve canals at the tip of the root that cannot be instrumented
  • cyst formation
  • crack problems

A surgical procedure known as apicoectomy (apical surgery, endodontic surgery) can save a tooth with the above problems, with the exception of a severely cracked tooth.

Video 7: Endodontic treatment

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