Advantages of implants

1. Less bone loss

Following tooth extraction, the bone shrinks, making your face look older (have a look at Video: the Face image after extraction of all teeth). In patients wearing dentures, a certain amount of bone loss is constantly present, but some factors appear to speed up this process. Denture movements reduce the blood supply of both the gum and the bone, causing bone resorption. In addition, teeth that are associated with infection from the root canal or gum pocket may cause faster bone loss. This is why diseased teeth should be cured or removed as soon as possible to avoid further bone loss.

Video 10: Bone loss after tooth extraction

2. Better chewing function

Patients who have implants can chew as well as if they had their own teeth, much better than with dentures. If their denture is fixed with implants, they can chew much better than with normal dentures.

3. Protect your natural teeth

Dental implants are often more appropriate choice than a bridge for the replacement of one or more missing teeth. With implants, your teeth surrounding the gap must not be ground down as when the conventional bridgework is prepared.. (Video: Three element bridge, Loss of molar tooth, Gallery 30,32)

4. Convenience

Risk factors for the progression of Periodontal diseaseReplacement of a denture with a bridge over implants can eliminate the numerous embarrassing situations. You will no longer need to use denture adhesives or cover your mouth when you laugh or smile, and will no longer have to fear that your teeth will pop out or fall down. A full upper denture covers the whole palate of your mouth, thus reducing your ability to taste foods. With dental implants, you can wear a reduced upper denture with opened palate, so you can taste and fully enjoy your food.

You will no longer need to carry a denture if your molars are missing, you can resolve the problem with implants and crowns.
(Video: Implants eliminate denture, Denture retained by implants with balls and bar, Circular bridge over six implants,Circular bridge over 8 implants,Loss of molar tooth,Loss of upper and lower incisors. Gallery: 24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32 and 33)

5. Immobile dentures

Dental implants eliminate the pain and discomfort of wearing removable full or partial dentures provoked by their slipping or rocking. Implant-supported dentures do not move around and are like natural teeth, because they are anchored securely to your jawbone. Gum irritation and the pain of exposed nerves associated with conventional full or partial dentures are eliminated.
(Video:Dentures retained by implants with balls and bar.Gallery:33)

6. Improved Speech

With badly fitting dentures, you find it hard to avoid mumbling and slurring when speaking, which makes it difficult to understand what you are saying. Replacement of missing teeth by implants allow you to speak with confidence in a relaxed and natural tone.

7. Good aesthetics

Your once beautiful smile can be returned to your face, because we know how to contour the gums around the implant and how to achieve the high aesthetic results using zirconium implant abutments and crowns to obtain a natural look of the crowns.(Gallery:30)

8. Improved self-esteem

Taking into consideration all other benefits, dental implants can improve your self-esteem. You may feel better about yourself. Dental implants look and feel like your own natural teeth, giving you renewed confidence and allowing you to enjoy life again.

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