Aesthetic dentistry

Hollywood smile

A Hollywood smile is achieved by a combination of all or some of the following procedures:

Smile design

  • tooth whitening
  • porcelain crowns and veneers
  • gingival recontouring
  • orthodontic therapy

All these procedures are undertaken to create the perfect form, position, proportion, alignment and colour of your teeth. The majority of famous movie stars and VIPs have similar designed dresses, cars, houses and have an equal smile. This similarity is determined by the same length to width ratio of the teeth, their relative position to one another and to the lips, and by their white colour and brightness. Nowdays, a Hollywood smile is no longer a privilege only of movie stars and VIPs, it is available to everyone!

After a detailed analysis of your smile, we will make a mock-up, your new temporary smile. If both of us are satisfied with it, if it fulfils your and our expectations, we will make a permanent solution for you.

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