Aesthetic dentistry

Mock - up


If you want to evaluate your new smile, if you want to have predictable results, then a Dental Mock-Up should be prepared. There are several ways to preview your new smile. You can look at photos of similar cases, examine a dental model, or see a computer image of your smile with new teeth superimposed. But nothing matches the reality of a Dental Mock-Up. The mock-up technique uses a composite (a tooth-coloured material), which is lightly and temporarily attached to the surface of your existing teeth.

If you want to have some corrections made, your mock-up can be easily modified; your mock-up teeth can be reduced or enlarged in order to achieve an optimal result. If you are satisfied with your new look at the end of the evaluation period, we can proceed with final work. The composite material is removed and replaced with the much harder, stronger and more durable porcelain material. These porcelain veneers will look even better and more natural than the mock-up teeth.

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