Aesthetic dentistry

Cosmetic gum surgery (Gum contouring, gum reshaping)

Our clinic is specialised for gum disease therapy (periodontal therapy). In addition to periodontal treatments, we offer a number of aesthetic gum interventions and are very proud of our results.
A beautiful smile displays nice white teeth surrounded with a narrow band of healthy gingival tissue. If this relation is disturbed, we have an aesthetic problem - a gummy smile (large amounts of visible gingiva during smiling) or gingival recession (retraction of gingiva with exposed tooth root).

Gummy smileGummy smile
Gingival recessionGingival recession

1. Crown lengthening

A gummy smile is a condition where too much pinkish tissue can be seen above the teeth when a person speaks or smiles. This can leave the teeth looking too short, which can affect a person's general desire to smile.
A gummy smile is usually associated with an enlarged upper jaw, a short upper lip, short upper frontal teeth, or a forward position of the frontal teeth. The treatment of a gummy smile can be a simple procedure or can demand multidisciplinary approach: orthodontic treatment, periodontal surgery, jaw surgery, lip repositioning, or a combination of these procedures. If just a small amount of gingival tissue needs to be removed, a diode laser with anaesthesia can be used for the gingival recontouring.
If a larger amount of gingival tissue needs to be removed, then a periodontal procedure called crown lengthening must be undertaken. This periodontal procedure involves gingival and bone surgery.
In some cases, orthodontic therapy must be applied. If there is an overgrowth of the upper jaw, bone surgery must be performed. If the upper lip is too short, lip repositioning surgical procedure must be undertaken.
Lately, we offer our patients Botox injections for the tretment of 'gummy smile'in an effective and simple way.

Smile aesthetics can also be disturbed by some gingival irregularities, asymmetry in the gingival shape. Applying gingival recontouring, the gums can be reshaped and thus a perfect gingival form achieved. Reshaping a gum line can be carried out effectively, quickly, comfortably and painlessly by laser. The laser technique produces excellent results, improving the overall appearance of the teeth and ultimately the smile as well.

Asymmetry of the gingival contour - before and after

Asymmetry of the gingival contour - before and after

2. Gum Lift (Gum Reshaping)

Gum lift, an aesthetic gingival treatment, is indicated when gingival recession (gingival retraction) is present. Gingival recession can result from a traumatic contact between the upper and lower teeth, or aggressive horizontal brushing with hard toothbrush. Also the outstanding position of the tooth in the jaw can create gingival retraction. Periodontal disease causes bone resorption, which in turn results in gingival recession.

Gingival recession provokes tooth sensibility caused by thermal, chemical and mechanical stimulation (cold, hot, sweet, acid, brushing sensitivity) and creates a higher predisposition to caries. Moreover, too long teeth do not look nice and patients avoid smiling.

During clinical examination, the dentist must identify the cause of gingival retraction and choose the ideal treatment for it. This problem can be resolved by covering the exposed tooth root with a composite filling, desensitising the teeth, or by a sophisticated periodontal treatment - gum lift - in which the gingival graft is taken from the palatal part and autotransplanted onto the exposed tooth root. This will greatly improve the overall appearance of the teeth and ultimately the smile.

Gum Lift

Picture: gum lift before and after

At our cosmetic dentistry clinic, we are dedicated to provide the best and perfect smile to you. This often involves a multi-disciplinary approach. Gum reshaping, also known as gum lift, can produce excellent results to improve a gummy smile or uneven gum levels.

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