Restorative dentistry

Restorative dentistry has the task to reconstruct the tooth structure through direct and indirect tooth restoration. Our dental restorative services are:

  • Direct, coloured fillings, composite fillings
    (white fillings) are the most commonly used tooth-coloured direct fillings. You do not have to accept having amalgam placed in your teeth anymore.

    The advances in technology, in the science of dental composites, are evident and have gone a long way from the one-colour materials that suffered from excessive wear 30 years ago to the highly advanced materials which can exactly mimic the appearance of your tooth and are also incredibly tough and long lasting.

  • Composite fillings on  upper central incisors:before & after

    Composite fillings on the central incisors before and after

  • Cosmetic composite bonding
    - If you have worn teeth, please consider cosmetic composite bonding. In many cases, special tooth coloured materials can be invisibly blended onto the worn areas of your teeth to restore their original appearance whilst also protecting the worn area from further wear. The composite materials can be bonded as veneers to your front teeth, or can serve wonderfully for the reconstruction of the young fractured teeth.

  • Composite veneers
    The composite materials can be bonded as veneers on discoloured or impaired surface of teeth.

  •  Discoluored lower canine(before) Composite veneer(after)

    Composite veneer(after)
    Composite veneer on the discoloured lower canine before and after

  • Reconstruction of fractured teeth
  • After accidents and in the adolescent period of childhood, fractures occur rather often. The composite fillings serve for the reconstruction of fractured teeth.

    Reconstruction of fractured central incisors: before & after
    Reconstruction of fractured central incisors with composite fillings, before and after

  • Indirect filling, porcelain filling (porcelain inlay)
  • is indicated for huge fillings. Following tooth preparation, an impression is taken and sent to the dental laboratory, where a porcelain inlay is made to be subsequently cemented to the tooth.

    Porcelain inlay Porcelain inlay

    At our Dental Clinic, our highly skilled dental professionals will be delighted to discuss fillings with you as part of your personally tailored treatment plan, thus giving you the opportunity to choose the dental fillings you desire.


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