Endodontics (Root canal therapy)

What is dental abscess (acute apical abscess, dental swelling)?

A dental abscess is an acute inflammation of the periapical tissue. Normally, it is a rapid extension of an acute pulpal inflammation accompanied with swelling. The periapical tissues become inflamed and the tooth is usually very painful during mastication. A dental radiograph does not reveal any pathological lesion. To relieve the pain and drain the pus, an incision and drainage may be necessary and root canal therapy must be performed.

Symptoms of a dental abscess typically include:

Severe pain, swelling and redness of the mouth and face. With an advanced infection, nausea, vomiting, fever and chill can be experienced. The tooth, as well as the infected area, displays painful mobility and tenderness to mastication. Sometimes it may be difficult to fully open the mouth or swallow.

Video 6: Formation of a dental abscess

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