Teeth are nowadays extracted hardly ever, only in some rare indications:

  • huge supporting bone loss around the tooth
  • vertical root fracture
  • huge tooth decay when tooth reconstruction is impossible
  • unsuccessful root canal treatment
  • incorrect position of a tooth

Implants can replace missing teeth without aggressive preparation of the adjacent teeth for a forthcoming bridge. Dental implants are high-grade titanium alloy screws which can replace the tooth root. The implant procedure can be used for replacement of one, several, or all the teeth.
Only a minor operation is needed to insert an implant. It is usually a short and painless treatment. Dental implants are normally placed in the dental office, under local anaesthesia.

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Video 9:Loss of lateral teeth.Implants eliminate the denture

Age problem and implants

Older patients are sometimes concerned that their age may stop them from receiving dental implants. Usually, health is more of a contraindication than age. There are some health limitations for dental implants. We can determine if you are a candidate for dental implants after a careful evaluation of your dental and health history.

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