Aesthetic dentistry

Advantages of zirconia porcelain crowns:

1. Antiallergic properties: They have been used in dentistry for years already and there is no evidence of any local or systemic allergic reactions provoked by them. Metal allergic reactions, on the other hand, are well documented.

2. Zirconium is radiotransparent, so it permits radiographic analysis of the tooth without elimination of the zirconia crown. The metal core of metal porcelain crowns does not enable such analysis as it does not permit radiographic ray beam flow.

Advantages of zirconia porcelain crowns

3. Being chemically and thermally neutral, zirconium does not conduct electrical or thermal impulses, so it does not provoke tooth sensibility with cold and hot irritations. Patients are not irritated by the metallic taste sometimes present with metal crowns.

4. High level of aesthetics can be achieved – zirconia porcelain crowns are transparent, without a metal core, and have similar characteristics as natural teeth. There is no dark marginal end as with metal crowns.

Advantages of zirconia porcelain crowns

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