Oral surgery


Our oral surgery services offers various surgical procedures inside the oral cavity:

  • Apicoectomy is a surgical procedure by which the granuloma on the root tip is exposed and removed. This treatment is generally provided when a conventional root canal therapy has failed. During apical surgery, the gingival flap is elevated and access to the root tip is made by removing the bone covering the end of the root. A small part of the root tip is then removed and the remaining root is sealed with retrofilling ( retrograde root filling, apical filling, reverse filling) . Without proper retrofilling, apicoectomy will not be successful. The area around the root tip is then cleaned and curetted. The gum is placed back into position and sutured. After apicoectomy, the bone heals and regenerates around the root tip.
  • Surgical Cyst Removal (cystectomy) Cysts are hollow fluid-filled swellings. They can develop in the jaws for various reasons but one of the most common reasons is a long-term chronic infection around the end of a tooth root. This type of cysts is called a radicular cyst. It must be eliminated because a cyst may provoke bone resorption. Radicular cysts must be surgically removed, when all vital remnants of the cyst must be successfully cleared away to prevent possible recurrence.
  • Hemisection is a surgical procedure which involves removing only one root of a multi-rooted tooth. These teeth usually continue to function well with one root missing. Hemisection may be required when there is an untreatable endodontic failure on one root, or bone loss around one root due to periodontal disease.
  • Frenulectomy - surgical recounturing of the gingival attachment.
  • Wisdom tooth extraction, extraction of fractured roots, is one of the most common oral surgery procedures. The third molars (wisdom teeth) do not fully emerge into the mouth but can become impacted against the next molar or against the bone of the jaw and cause problems (Video 8). Mostly the third molars and fractured roots have to be extracted surgically. The Piezosurgery® ultrasound device helps us to perform extractions more easily and with superior healing.

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Video 8: Extraction of impacted wisdom tooth

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